Get the Most out of Your Paper

Earth Day is tomorrow!

In honor of Earth Day, let’s talk about something easy you can do to get more miles out of your printer paper before you recycle it.  You recycle your printer paper, right?  Good.

Printer paper doesn’t leave our house until it’s been used up.

Paper Printed on One Side

In our home office/craft area, I keep a pile of paper that has only been printed on one side.  The pile lives in a desk drawer with other printer supplies.

Stack of paper printed on one side only.

We use this paper to print drafts:  draft documents for school, draft headlines for scrapbook pages and draft photos.  Drafts are printed always in black and white on the lowest resolution setting  so we save ink as well.

These draft headlines are printed with paper from my stash.

Paper Printed on Both Sides

This doesn’t go straight to the recycle bin.  I cut up paper to use as a placeholder or to visualize a layout design before cutting into the expensive paper.  Example:  “do I want a 5.5-inch square here or can I fit a 6-inch square?”

Finally, paper printed on both sides makes for a great drop cloth!  I tend to get glue everywhere so having extra pieces of paper around really helps.

Paper printed on both sides = drop cloth!

How do you reuse things on your craft table?  I hope these tips work for you!

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