Recycling Pre-Printed Envelopes

Turning Leftover Wedding Supplies into New StationeryTurning Leftover Wedding Supplies into New StationeryTurning Leftover Wedding Supplies into New StationeryTurning Leftover Wedding Supplies into New StationeryI’m in love with how this very simple project turned out!

Remember my recycled wedding response card notecards?  These are the envelopes that go with them.

I had a stack of return envelopes pre-printed with our address leftover from our wedding.  What to do with them?  It seemed like a waste to throw them out.

I used a frame design that came pre-loaded with my Silhouette software and cut labels that fit over the pre-printed address.

I used these for the first time the other day.  I wrote the address and glued it to the front of the envelope.  Simple!

If you’re keeping score, I’ve been married for almost seven years.  I held onto these supplies for that long waiting for the perfect idea.


More Recycled Wedding Notecards

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesThese notecards rock!  Yup, I said it.  They are so much fun to make!

I first made these back on Earth Day as a way to repurpose the thick response cards we received from our wedding invitations.  I’ve been collecting pretty pictures and paper ever since then so I can make another set.

Here’s a mishmash of cards and pictures torn out of magazines.  If I like a card someone sends or if I get a corporate postcard that looks neat, I save the design to use it for this project.

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesI tape or glue the design to the written side of the wedding response card, then I cut around the card to trim.  Got that?  Glue first, cut second.  The results are so pretty and unique!

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesWait, there’s more!  Do you ever cycle new pictures into frames around your house?  What do you do with the old pictures?  It finally dawned on me to turn them into notecards!

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesCheck. that. out.  I patted myself on the back big time for thinking of this one!

Notecards from Recycled Wedding SuppliesI’m such a stationary dork (don’t forget about my ode to pretty postage stamps).  I can’t wait until I have to send a note or mail a check to someone so I can use these.

Earth Day: Turning Response Cards into Notecards

Earth Day - Reuse Wedding Response Cards - Homemade NotecardsHappy Earth Day!

I’m posting today as part of Danielle’s Earth Day Blog Hop over at EcoScrapbook.  Everyone today is sharing great Earth Day tips and some are even hosting giveaways!

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For me, the best way I help the Earth while crafting is simple:  reuse, reuse, reuse.  I keep scraps of paper, paper that’s only been printed on one side, and lots of odds and ends.  I figure the inspiration will come to me and I’ll reuse these things for something.

Turning My Wedding Response Cards into Notecards

I included some of the invitation response cards from our wedding in my wedding scrapbook.

The thing is, I could not get rid of the rest of them.  They were professionally printed on very hefty stock.  I racked my brain to figure out something neat to do.

Earth Day - Reuse Wedding Response Cards - Homemade NotecardsI was picking up my craft space and saw a bunch of greeting cards, catalogs and other things I was saving.  These aren’t new cards – they are cards I received that I thought were pretty.  Why not reuse them?

Earth Day - Reuse Wedding Response Cards - Homemade NotecardsThe rest is simple!  I glued each response card down to a picture/card, leaving the blank side facing up.  Glue first, cut second.  This way you get a clean edge.

Earth Day - Reuse Wedding Response Cards - Homemade NotecardsThat’s it!  Now I have an interesting set of notecards that I can tuck in envelopes whenever I have to send something.  Or I can send them on their own if I want to send someone a “just because” note.

Earth Day - Reuse Wedding Response Cards - Homemade NotecardsThanks for stopping by!  Head over to Snaps & Snippets next!