Scrapbook Layout: 2007 Recipes

Recipe Scrapbook by Natalie ParkerRecipe Scrapbook by Natalie ParkerRecipe Scrapbook by Natalie Parker

The Story: Mr. P and I cook a lot.  When we save favorite recipes, I try to note the year we first made them.  I really do that just for fun but put it to good use here in a layout.

Some Not Pictured: I didn’t have pictures of all the recipes, so I included some pictures and elsewhere I just listed recipe names.

Pictures from Various Years: Just because we first made something in ’07 doesn’t mean I got a picture of it back then.  I went through a ton of my “food & drink” tagged pictures from over the years to find these.

Recipe Scrapbook by Natalie Parker

Fonts: Nevis, Century Gothic, Pacifico, Klinic Slab Book | Tools: Epson Stylus R2000 (photos) | Supplies: Pioneer SJ-100 Jumbo Scrapbook(scrapbook & pages), Epson Semigloss Photo Paper (photos) | Ephemera Included: none.