Why I Don’t Send Postcards and Do Something Better

Happy Mail by Natalie Parker

I rarely send postcards while traveling.  Not never, but rarely.  My niece and nephew better be feeling pretty special right about now because they got one of the two we sent on our 38-day trip.

Why I Don’t Send Postcards

Postcards are easy to find.  Stamps aren’t as easy.  Some places will sell international postcard stamps along with the cards themselves, but it’s sometimes a ripoff.  Once I tried to mail a stack of postcards from the Louvre on our first ever trip abroad and it was actually cheaper and faster to mail them inside an envelope (although it looked kind of dumb).

If I have postcards and stamps, I have to make sure I have the time to write something and it’s usually super quick.  Finally, I have to find some place to mail them.  Mail boxes aren’t as ubiquitous as you’d think in every country.  Sure, I can hand them to the front desk at a hotel, but I’m not always staying in a hotel.

What I Do Instead

Earlier I talked about why and how I buy gifts on trips.  Half the fun is giving the gift to the person when I get home.  Sometimes I give it in person but most of the time I mail it.  Enter the Weasley mail.

I love packaging things up, picking a cute card from my stationary stash, then going through my vintage stamps and adding up enough to mail the package.

Does this take longer?  Yep.  It’s an involved process to weigh, write, wrap, address, and stamp everything.  But I love sending mail and I love taking my time with each step.

I think this is so much more awesome than sending postcards.


Postcards as Notecards

Do you ever travel somewhere and end up with more postcards than you need?

Oh, I’m the only one that buys a ton of postcards.

Well, if you do have postcards lying around, consider using them as notecards!  Maybe you have a couple of postcards leftover from a vacation.  Maybe you bought a stack and didn’t get a chance to send them.

I had a big stack of postcards from our trip to the Middle East.  Instead of leaving them in a box, I started using them as notecards whenever I was sending something.  If they don’t fit in an envelope, just trim them down.  They worked especially well when I was sending people gifts we picked up on the trip.

Hey, you can even try this by grabbing pretty postcards from your own town!

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