A Photographic Estate

Old Camera

When someone passes away, tough choices are everywhere.  Including what to do with photos.  That is not the toughest choice in the grand scheme of things, but one that still needs to be made.

Someone has left us recently and I was chatting with family members about what to do with their photos.

There are boxes and boxes of photos saved but the majority of them aren’t described or don’t have notes about who is in them.  They made the decision if they don’t know any of the people in the photo, they are tossing it.

They will save the photos that are important to them.  I’m not necessarily opposed to that because what other option is there?  Are photos ephemeral?  Have they served their primary use during the lifetime of their original owners?

Have you had to go through someone else’s photo collection before?

Image from Cyler Parent via Creative Commons license.