Tips for Scrapbooking the Olympics

Sochi_2014_Winter_Olympics_Games_LogoLet’s get this out of the way:  I freaking love the Olympics.  Growing up, opening and closing ceremonies were major family events and I still make a point to watch and enjoy the Olympics today.

It’s fun to scrapbook the Olympics for two reasons.  1. It’s fun to remember the big moments of the games and how I watched them.  2. The Olympics are a good marker of time.  I remember where I was in my life for each games.

Here are some things you can do now to scrapbook the Olympics later:

Download some clipart.  Any images from the games you like?  Download and save them now.  It was difficult finding a decent Athens 2004 logo for this page.  It is much easier to find images to use in my scrapbook while the games are taking place.  I found the logo above by doing some Googling.

Jot some things down.  It will be hard to find out exactly what happened that mattered to you when you sit down to work on these pages later.  Jot down quick things that you remember.  So far on my list?  Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir rocking my world, watching figure skating live, really enjoying slopestyle and that the US men swept ski slopestyle, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, being really sad about Evgeni Plushenko, and suddenly getting really into cross-country skiing.

Save some freebies.  Erica has put out some great printables for the London games and has these available for the Sochi games.  Save them now to use later before you forget where you saw them.

Do you scrapbook the Olympics?


Lollygagging in London

Photographing London

Hello lovelies!  If you follow me on Facebook or Google+, you know that I just got home from an extended business trip although I didn’t say where.  I spent close to two weeks in London!

Photographing London

I won’t bore you with the business bit, except to say I spent many 12-hour days in the office feverishly working.  On the weekends, I feverishly crammed in as much sightseeing as possible since I’d never been to London.  (End result = exhaustion with a side of jet lag).

Photographing London

Although I was there for business, I toted my camera along and tried to work on how I take pictures.  I love looking at travel pictures from other bloggers and secretly file away lessons I want to try on my next trip.

Just take pictures.  That was my biggest mantra.  I’m all about living in the moment but there are lots of times where I wished I’d taken the time to snap something.  The carriage below was the first picture I took on the trip – it was rolling by right after I checked into my hotel.

Photographing London

Bad lighting: being winter, I battled the sun a lot.  It never got too high up in the sky and set early.  It created a lot of harsh light situations at places where I didn’t have time go to go back and get better pictures.  I was barely able to get the Olympic countdown clock!

Photographing London

I experimented with getting more randomness, signs especially.  I realized I love signs!

Photographing London

Of course there’s food.  I feel like food pictures capture a lot about the trip.

Photographing London

Yes, I’m going to have to re-watch my Royal Wedding DVD and every other movie I own that’s set in Britain.  I only now realized how many movies on the list I shared with you fit that category.

Photographing London

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