Dublin: the Long Room at Trinity College (and the Book of Kells)

Long Room Library Trinity College Dublin by Natalie Parker

Mr. P and I had a loose “we’ll see what we see” philosophy for our weekend in Dublin.  We had some things we wanted to see, but we didn’t tick off the top 10 list of most popular sites in Dublin.

One of Dublin’s top attractions is the Book of Kells at Trinity College.  The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript (very old illustrated book).  You’d be amazed, but I, as a bibliophile, wasn’t chomping at the bit to go see it.  I’ve seen a lot of really old books before, plus I wasn’t enthused about waiting in line.*

The Long Room > The Book of Kells

A couple of days before we left, I read about the Long Room at Trinity College.  Now we’re talking!  The Long Room is the main chamber of the Old Library and contains thousands of the oldest books at the College.

Long Room Library Trinity College Dublin by Natalie Parker

One old book, fine.  Thousands of old books in a beautiful library?  Sign me up!

In order to visit the Long Room, you need a Book of Kells ticket.  The Long Room is upstairs from the Book of Kells exhibit and you proceed through the exhibit to get there.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.  We sped through the Kells exhibit, took a look at the book, then went upstairs.  The Long Room is a dream.  Old books from floor to ceiling.  Old ladders and spiral staircases.  Busts of famous minds.  Everything you would want as Belle if the Beast were giving you a library.  Book swoon.

Long Room Library Trinity College Dublin by Natalie Parker

*You can buy advance tickets online for €3 extra per person, but since it wasn’t a must-see, we opted not to.

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