My Scrapbook Nemesis

My Scrapbooking Nemises 1Meet my scrapbook nemesis.

Yes, it’s a National Park Service map.  These maps drive. me. crazy.

These maps are actually great.  You can pick one up free at any national park in the US.  They are really cool and all follow the same cover design format.  When I collect one I really really want to use it in a layout because 1) maps are just awesome in layouts and 2) it’s a great keepsake.

Adding keepsakes to layouts is a big deal to me and part of my scrapbooking style.  You all know by now that I think keepsakes are what make a scrapbook a scrapbook.

The problem?  I have such a battle fitting these maps into pages.  Designing a page around a keepsake that must be present can be difficult.

Should I cut up the map?  I cut up keepsakes all the time and cut up a Yosemite National Park map on my Yosemite Scrapbook layout.  I actually battle myself over this – whether I should preserve the keepsake or throw caution to the wind in favor of design.

The map pictured above I want to keep whole because I really wanted to remember the places we visited – some of those places are off limits now because of the lava flow!

Stay tuned to see how it turned out, but this is definitely not the last battle I’m going to have with one of these maps.