Map of My Dublin Places

My geographer extraordinaire husband just finished putting together this awesome map of Dublin!  Any Dublin place I’ve posted about is on the map with a link to its website and a link to my post about it.

Click here to see the map by itself in a new tab.

Super cool!  I hope you enjoy using it!

Click here to see a photo index for all my posts on Ireland

Mr. P and I traveled to Dublin for a long weekend in March.  Learn how to plan a trip to Europe for the weekend (even coming all the way from California) here


Map of My Paris Places

Paris Map by Natalie Parker

Did you know I am married to a geographer?  And he can make really cool maps?

We worked together and put together this really cool map of my Paris recommendations.  Any place that I’ve mentioned this past week is marked on the map for easy reference.

Click here to view my Paris map

I’m not done writing about Paris.  Not by a long shot.  As I write more, any new places I mention will be added to the map.  Don’t worry if you lose this post.  You’ll always be able to get to the map by scrolling to the France section of my travel page.

Bonne journée!