Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook, Kauai Condo Layout

Kauai Honeymoon Layout by Almost Never Clever 1Kauai Honeymoon Layout by Almost Never Clever 4Kauai Honeymoon Layout by Almost Never Clever 2Kauai Honeymoon Layout by Almost Never Clever 3Switching islands!  I made this layout to show where we stayed during the second part of our honeymoon.

I did something similar to my wedding reception layouts – squares and rectangles.  The big photo at the bottom?  It’s not a photo – it’s a postcard!  The text I cut with the Silhouette is pearlish, hard to see in the picture but it looks really nice in person.

I jazzed up the left side with some patterned paper and some matching turquoise shimmer.  I like how it adds some interest to the page without taking it over.

Kauai Honeymoon Layout by Almost Never Clever 5

To see all the pages of my wedding scrapbook so far and to learn more about the papers I’m using, visit my wedding scrapbook page.


Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook, Volcano National Park Layout

Volcano Layout by Natalie Parker 1Volcano Layout by Natalie Parker 3Volcano Layout by Natalie Parker 2Volcano Layout by Natalie Parker 4Volcano Layout by Natalie Parker 5Volcano Layout by Natalie Parker 7Here’s how the page with the map ended up!  So very much going on!

The text of the headline matches that of my earlier Volcano Village scrapbook layout.  I think I’m going to use a similar feel for the rest of the honeymoon.  I put a lot of text below that – it was quite an adventure.

To the right of the map, I added pictures from the park with vertical captions.

I left the map itself whole and then glued more pictures to the map – you see them when you flip the map up.

I’m not sure how often anyone will actually open the map all the way, but it’s pretty cool!

I’m generally pleased with it – glad to be done fighting the map until the next one comes along.

Volcano Layout by Natalie Parker 9To see all the pages of my wedding scrapbook so far and to learn more about the papers I’m using, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

Scrapbook Layout: Yosemite in Squares

Yosemite Scrapbook Layout

One of the awesome things about living in California is the proximity to endless natural wonders.  Exhibit A:  when my future husband took me to Yosemite National Park for the first time.  Yes, future husband.  I knew it by then.

Back to our story, I had many beautiful pictures from our visit.  I wanted to do something really interesting that would showcase the pictures without it looking too photo-album-yy.  I also had a map of the park to incorporate.

I knew exactly what I was going to do and I could not wait to get to this layout.  Squares!  I was inspired by this layout from Simple Scrapper, specifically how she cuts one photo into multiple squares:

Yosemite Scrapbook Layout Inspiration

After some trial and error (and some more error), I decided to go with 2-inch squares, four wide and five tall.  As you know, I plan everything about my layouts before taking scissors to anything.  Here, I labeled each of the squares:

Yosemite Scrapbook Layout

I decided to do several photos that took up two, three or four squares.  I supplemented that with some single square photos.

Lest we forget the map, I cut some single square map pieces and one double square map piece that showed Half Dome and the Yosemite Valley.

Yosemite Scrapbook Layout

Here are all the pieces to give you an idea of what the different parts looked like:

Yosemite Scrapbook Layout

I added a couple of white squares with the date and a simple description of the day.  I was feeling into making a big time headline, so I printed “Yosemite” and transferred it to the page using my makeshift carbon paper method.  The font is Kavaler Kursive, a free download at

I’m in love with how this turned out!  It feels so light and airy (if a page could evoke those feelings) yet so detailed!

Yosemite Scrapbook Layout

I didn’t go into detail about how I cropped, sized and printed the pictures.  If you want more information on that, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll shoot you an email.

Photo credit: inspiration layout is courtesy Jennifer from Simple Scrapper.