Dublin: Using Public Transit + Airport Transportation

Dublin Ireland Public Transit by Natalie Parker

We didn’t take a single taxi in Dublin.  Not a single one!

Transit in Dublin was very easy and everyone was super nice.  When we got off the bus near the Guinness Storehouse and weren’t sure where to go, we just started walking.  The bus honked at us and the driver pointed us in the right direction.

Transit To/From the Airport

We used the 747 Airport Bus.  We followed the signs out of the airport and it was easy to find.  Even better, there was a real human at the stop who sold us tickets, explained how the bus worked, and gave us a map.

Dublin Ireland Public Transit by Natalie Parker

The 787 stops at several main areas in town.  It took us just a few minutes to walk to our apartment from the stop.  Our host let us know which stop to use and the guy who sold us the tickets showed us on the map.

Tickets are €6 one way, €10 round trip.  We bought a round trip ticket and held onto it for the ride back.

Dublin Ireland Public Transit by Natalie Parker

Transit Around Town

We bought a Leap Card and used the buses.  Similar to other transit cards in major cities, you buy this card and put money on it to use transit.  Leap cards are sold at small grocery and drugstores around the city.  We Googled “Leap Card” in Google Maps from our phone when we were there and found a nearby retailer.  Learn more about Leap Cards here.

Dublin Ireland Public Transit by Natalie Parker

Google Maps has the bus, tram, and train lines.  You can easily use your phone or computer to plot your route and not have to worry about bus maps and schedules.

Dublin Ireland Public Transit by Natalie Parker (7)

Know the name of your stop and tell the driver.  The fare is different depending on how far you are going.  If you tell the driver where you are going, he’ll adjust the card reader so you are charged the correct amount when you tap your Leap card.  Stop names are listed in Google Maps.

Many stops in town have electronic signs with wait times.  Bonus!  And really really helpful.

Dublin Ireland Public Transit by Natalie Parker

Did I mention the buses are yellow double deckers?  Totally awesome.

We used the DART train to get to/from Howth.  We took a day trip out to Howth and used the DART.  Leap Cards work on DART and the system is pretty easy to figure out.  Again, Google Maps will give DART directions.

Dublin Ireland Public Transit by Natalie Parker

The Hop-On/Hop-Off Bus is very popular, but . . . it just wasn’t for us.  The buses worked just fine and we’d rather use regular public transit.  Plus, the Hop-On/Hop-Off didn’t run late in the evening.  We were surprised at how early it stopped running.

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