London Eats: Koshari Street

Koshari Street London by Natalie Parker

The first and only time I had eaten koshari was on our second day in Cairo.

Koshari, also spelled koshary, is a true blue collar Cairene food.  We had to get an American tour guide to take us there because most local guides want to serve multi course lunches to tourists.

It’s a bowl of rice, macaroni noodles, lentils, chickpeas, and some broken spaghetti noodles.  A spicy tomato sauce is poured on top, you mix everything up, then add crispy onions.

I’ve never attempted to make it at home because with just two of us under one roof, it doesn’t make sense to cook all the rice, lentils, etc. for two tiny meals.  Call me back in a few years if I have boys.  Moving on.

So, four years later in London, I was amazed to find Koshari Street!  Koshari Street has a storefront in Soho but also a food cart (I saw them one Saturday in Old Spitalfields Market).

Koshari Street London by Natalie Parker

I hopped over there after work and hoped that their koshari would be as good as I remembered.  It’s always a tough thing trying to replicate travel memories.

At Koshari Street, you choose the size of your cup and what type of sauce (I went with a small, medium spicy).

It was bliss — it did not disappoint in any way.  Every component was perfect.  I kind of wanted to grab a handful of crispy onions for the ride home.  Koshari Street is definitely going to be a stop every time I’m in London.

What if you don’t have any Cairo memories to relive?  You should still go!  Koshari is the perfect food for a long day of sightseeing.  Located right in the middle of the action in Soho, you can get in, get fed, and get out without worrying about being hungry for the rest of the day.  Win!


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