A New Safety Net for My Cell Phone Pictures

Google+ Instant UploadI’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my cell phone.  As in, I love it and it hates me.

My phone ran away from home a couple months ago and have been using a backup for a while.   Losing a phone always hurts more when you have pictures you hadn’t saved to the computer yet.

I’ve written before about the instant-upload feature on Google+.  Last time I had a phone incident, I was able to view my pictures in Google+ still because they were automatically uploaded to a private album whenever I took them.  It was nice to have them, but they weren’t full resolution.  Not anymore!!

Setting up my new phone last week, I noticed there is an option to turn on full-resolution instant-uploads to Google+.  Whaaaa?  I am SO excited about this because I now have a full backup in case anything happens to my phone.  Theoretically, I can also organize the pictures onto my hard drive without ever having to plug the phone into my computer!

Read instructions on how to turn on full-resolution instant-upload here.  There are some storage limits, so I’ll have to make sure and go online and delete ones I don’t want.

Google+ Full Size Instant UploadGoogle+ is owned by Google.  I work for Google.  My affiliation with Google in no way affects or sways my opinions on its products.  The opinions expressed here are my own.