Instagram Inspiration

Instagram Photo Inspiration by Natalie Parker

I’ve been on the Instagram bandwagon since June and I love it!  I love how simple it is and seeing gorgeous photos.  It reminds me of what Facebook used to be before it got clogged with other stuff.

It’s fun to explore and see projects others are working on.  Usually I pin design inspiration, but I can’t do that from my phone.  I’ve been taking screenshots instead.

In what is surely a sign of the times, I’m finding a lot of Project Life pages and not as many traditional scrapbook layouts.  No matter, design inspiration is everywhere and I incorporate ideas from all types of projects into my layouts.

What about you?  Do you have favorite Instagram feeds that you use for inspiration?  How do you keep track of ideas you love?


Instagram Photos by Natalie Parker

It’s official, you can find me on Instagram at @natmariep.

I wondered why I needed another social media account.  Then I realized what I used to love most about Facebook is sharing photos and see others’ photos.  I don’t post much to Facebook anymore and find that there’s too much clutter.

I love the simplicity of Instagram.  All pictures, all the time.  I’ve started taking more phone pictures as a result.  Mr. P isn’t happy about having to wait to grab his drink/dessert/you name it.