Dublin: Day Trip to Howth

Howth, IrelandHowth, IrelandHowth, IrelandHowth, IrelandHowth IrelandHowth, IrelandHowth, Ireland

Mr. P and I decided to spend our last day of the Dublin weekend on a day trip outside the city.  Most people I talked to and most articles I read recommended it.

Why we decided on Howth.  We had a few choices.  We could have gone to the Cliffs of Moher, but that would have been a grueling day and a drive literally to the other side of the country.  Looking at options nearer Dublin, Howth was the easiest to get to:  we could get there directly on the DART train.

What we did.  We slept in, ate breakfast, then meandered our way to Howth.  We walked out to the pier, around the waterfront, up the hill a bit to town, ate lunch, then walked a bit toward the cliff walk.  At that point, it was 5pm and we wanted to get the train home to pack and rest a bit before our dinner reservation back in town.

Where we ate.  We looked at a bunch of the restaurants on the pier and decided to go with the Brass Monkey (all chuckling about the Beastie Boys aside).  It had some of the best online reviews and was very busy.  The food was absolutely fantastic, if a tad expensive.

Tips for Visiting Howth

It’s pronounced “Howth” with an O like “both.”  Just so you can sound like a local.

Get there early, earlier than we did.  I don’t regret sleeping in, but we could have used more time to explore the cliff walk.

Make time for the cliff walk.  The cliffs are beautiful and doing the loop takes about two hours.  Get there in the morning and do the loop before heading back to down for lunch.

Because it’s easy to get to, lots of people go.  Another reason why we probably should have gone earlier.

Get a DART Train before Connolly Station.  We got on at Tara Station and got seats for the ride.  Connolly Station is a major transfer station and a ton of people got on there and didn’t get seats.  The train takes about 30 minutes.  More tips on Dublin public transit here.

Buy a return fare for DART.  This is a general rule for mass transit — buy your return fare before you leave the station so it’s a breeze to get on the train to go home.

There are food options for every budget.  Even though we had a sit-down lunch, there were a few take away options, including a fish and chips stand that was very popular.

Have you been to Howth?  Share your tips below!

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