A Poem for Graduates

Graduation PoemIt’s getting around that time of year when people start planning graduations, making graduation cards, or even thinking about graduation scrapbook layouts.  I shared this poem last year as part of my final college scrapbook layout, but wanted to show you again.

I found this poem in the 1911 edition of the Blue and Gold yearbook, the yearbook of the University of California, Berkeley.  It really conveys a lot of sentiment that many graduates feel as they are at this turning point in their lives.

If you are using this in a card or layout, please credit The Blue and Gold at the University of California, Berkeley:

“Four years behind us,
And maybe more
The whole world in front of us
It’s time to score

Now with the years behind us,
Now that the goal is won,
With everything to remind us
We wish we’d just begun”

Senior Farewell
The Blue and Gold 1911
University of California, Berkeley