Scrapbook Layout: Graduation in Simplicity

Simple simple simple – again.

What?  No clear headline?  The headline for this page actually appears on the previous page.  The text on this page is just a continuation that adds more detail to the event.

I know, after posts of me painstakingly putting squares together, this can seem rather plain.  I thought about this one for a long time.  Too much.  I think I was building my graduation up too much in my mind and didn’t think I was going to find a layout worthy of such a big event.  I realized it didn’t need dressing up.  I’m mulling over this concept for my wedding scrapbook.

It’s really hard to tell from the pictures, but I backed all of the items in a shimmery cardstock.  It gives the whole thing a nice sheen.

On the second page, I used my own handwriting again but did something dangerous – I made up the story as I went along and hoped it would fit in the space.  Dangerous!  I was able to write down everything I had in mind.  Barely.

Just as with the previous page, the font here is Miama.

Oh don’t worry.  I have one more painstakingly arranged layout up my sleeve to finish off this book.


Scrapbook Layout: Graduation Title Page

Graduation scrapbook page

Simple simple simple.

I took the printed invitation to my college graduation and gave it its own page.  This is a right-facing page, so this is sort of a title page and then there will be a graduation double page spread next.

I could have done something very intricate, but leaving it simple and unembellished is more powerful.

The font is Miama (free download here).  I printed and transferred it to the page using my makeshift carbon paper method.  I’m planning on taking the font and super simple look onto the next two pages to complete the graduation story.

Only 3 pages left to go!

Graduation scrapbook layout

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Scrapbook Layout: It’s My Party

Graduation party scrapbook layout.

Friends, we’ve made it to the home stretch.  All that’s left in this book are graduation layouts and I’m DONE.  I can’t remember if I was as excited about actually graduating as I am about finishing this book.

This layout is inspired by the layout below by Celeste Smith that appeared on this Write. Click. Scrapbook post.  I love the big photo on the top and how the smaller photos are separated from the top with some colored paper.

Inspiration for scrapbook page.

The challenge for me?  I had digital and 35mm photos to work with.  I took the digital photos and my grandparents sent me the 35mm prints.  They got a few shots that I really wanted to use so I was stuck building a layout around pictures that I couldn’t resize.

As is typical with me, I did a rough draft.  The black and white prints are drafts of digital pictures.  The white areas are spots for the 35mm pictures.

Scrapbook layout draft.

I hand lettered the title using my makeshift carbon paper method.  The font is Berlin Sans FB (Microsoft font).  I decided to give my own handwriting another go and wrote the long caption by hand.

I rounded the outer corners to give it some more character and I was set.  Nothing too complicated here, but I got several large pictures on the page without it looking overwhelming.  Success!

Graduation party scrapbook page.

Photo of inspiration layout is courtesy Celeste Smith.

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