A New Safety Net for My Cell Phone Pictures

Google+ Instant UploadI’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my cell phone.  As in, I love it and it hates me.

My phone ran away from home a couple months ago and have been using a backup for a while.   Losing a phone always hurts more when you have pictures you hadn’t saved to the computer yet.

I’ve written before about the instant-upload feature on Google+.  Last time I had a phone incident, I was able to view my pictures in Google+ still because they were automatically uploaded to a private album whenever I took them.  It was nice to have them, but they weren’t full resolution.  Not anymore!!

Setting up my new phone last week, I noticed there is an option to turn on full-resolution instant-uploads to Google+.  Whaaaa?  I am SO excited about this because I now have a full backup in case anything happens to my phone.  Theoretically, I can also organize the pictures onto my hard drive without ever having to plug the phone into my computer!

Read instructions on how to turn on full-resolution instant-upload here.  There are some storage limits, so I’ll have to make sure and go online and delete ones I don’t want.

Google+ Full Size Instant UploadGoogle+ is owned by Google.  I work for Google.  My affiliation with Google in no way affects or sways my opinions on its products.  The opinions expressed here are my own.


Protecting Photos: I Guest Post Over at Crafterminds

Mystery PhotoI have something extra cool to share with you today!  It’s not here, it’s over at Crafterminds.  Crafterminds is a resource for creative bloggers.  I wrote a post for them about how to find the true owner of a photo that’s floating around the internet and also how to protect photos that you post on your blog.

This all is the result of a wild goose chase I went on to find the owner of a photo to share with you later (it has to do with my wedding scrapbook).  I never post someone else’s photo on my blog without their permission first.  The tips in the post I wrote are really helpful, I hope you like it!

Head over to:  Protect Photos with Google Search by Image | Crafterminds.

Picture of bouquet is included with permission from Kate Osborne Photography.

The Big List

Using Google Docs to keep a scrapbook list.

How do I know I’m near the end of my scrapbook?  The list told me.

I think many scrapbookers keep some sort of list of layouts they want to do.  While I don’t plan out exactly how many pages I will do, I like to have a list as a reference for when I’m ready to move on to the next page.

I made this list when I started the book.  I go through my box of keepsakes for the year and write down every possible event that I could scrapbook if I wanted to.  I go through all the pictures I have from that year and add to the list.

Will I scrapbook everything on the list?  No.  It just helps writing it out to make sure I don’t miss anything and so I can look at the big picture to see what’s important.

I type my notes (trust me, I will lose them otherwise), and keep them in a document stored online in the cloud.  I can access my list from anywhere in the house or even at work (not that I would look at it at work . . .).

Just like a handwritten list, the best part is crossing off items as I go along.  The end is near!