Cable as Ribbon

Cable as gift wrap ribbonHas someone special to you asked for a new HDMI or digital cable for Christmas?  Cables can be hard to wrap.  Why not take the cable out of the package and use it as ribbon?

That’s what my little sister did last year with a gift for my husband.  He needed a new digital optical cable for our TV, so she bought one and wrapped his gift with it.  I think it looks really cool!


The Gift Wrap Division of Labor

Wrapped Christmas giftsMy dear dear husband came home from work a couple of weeks ago and commented on my November 29 blog post.  It’s the one where I talked about all the holiday tasks piling up.

“You talked about wrapping gifts in your post.  I’m the one who actually wraps most of the gifts.”

How right he is.  Technically.

In the interest of full disclosure to you, my readers, we have a gift wrap division of labor in our household, mostly because I was tired of wrapping all the gifts and he’s actually quite good at doing it.  This doesn’t include gifts to each other, which we wrap ourselves.

I do all the shopping and prep the gifts.  I consult with him on gifts and budget for family members and then I buy everything.  I box everything up and pick out which wrapping paper I want on which gift.

He wraps all the gifts.  I leave him a big pile of gifts with post-it notes on them.  He wraps everything.  He’s actually better at this than I am – his edges are straighter and he actually tries to match the pattern whenever there’s a seam.

I ribbon and tag.  Someday I’ll explain my unhealthy infatuation with wire ribbon.  When he finishes wrapping the gifts, I go through my wire ribbon collection and make pretty bows for each package.  Finally, I select and write a coordinating gift tag.

Are we a team, or what??

Do you wrap all the gifts in your house?  Do you have family members help?

Christmas Card Gift Tags

Christmas Card Gift TagsDid you know you can make gift tags out of old Christmas cards?  Well, you can!  But first, a story:

While planning our wedding, I had my heart set a tag puncher because I needed to make little name tags for one of our favors.  The husband, being the dear that he is, was skeptical about spending wedding funds on a tag puncher that we’d only use once.  I promised him that we’d use it to make gift tags for Christmas instead of buying tags at the store.  True to my word, every Christmas since we’ve made our own gift tags.

How to Make Gift Tags out of Old Christmas Cards

When the holiday is over, I take all the cards we received and store them with other Christmas supplies.  Any card with a neat design will do.

Christmas Card Gift TagsThe next year, I take my tag puncher and cut tags out of the pretty parts of each card.

Christmas Card Gift TagsThat’s pretty much it!  I sometimes write on the design with a sharpie to say who the gift is for and then use double-stick tape to tape it to the box. You can also punch a hole in the tag and attach it to the gift with string or ribbon and then write on the back.

Christmas Card Gift TagsThere you have it – unique gift tags that are super simple to make.  If I have extras, I stick them back in the box to use for next year.

Make Your Own Basket Stuffing

Homemade Basket StuffingDo you own a paper shredder? If so, there is no need to buy basket stuffing again.

This is simple, simple. No crafting prowess required.

These Supplies are Around Your House

You will need a paper shredder and a paper product that you want to make stuffing out of. I’ve found that something hefty works better (i.e. regular paper and wrapping paper are out).

My favorite thing to use for basket stuffing are old wrapping paper rolls. Not the heavy cardboard rolls that you used to pretend were lightsabers as a kid. Wrapping paper rolls today tend to actually be a thin sheet of cardboard that is rolled into the center of the paper.

Wrapping paper rollAnother fun idea is holiday-themed grocery bags. The mix of brown and the red color on the bag makes festive basket stuffing.

Recycling paper bags.Easy from Here on Out

Whatever you decide to use, cut it up into pieces so it will feed through the paper shredder. I ran my rotary cutter over the wrapping paper roll to break it into pieces.

Wrapping paper rolls cut upFeed the pieces through the shredder.

Using paper shredder to make basket stuffing.I don’t know why I think I need to describe this, I’m sure you have the idea by now.

Presto-change-o: basket stuffing!

This also works well in gift boxes in place of tissue paper.

Homemade Basket StuffingTips & Ideas

  • Use wrapping paper rolls or paper bags.
  • Cut items small to feed easily through paper shredder.
  • Stuffing works well in baskets and gift boxes.
  • Leftovers? Store in a ziploc bag for next time.

Scrapbook Layout: Holiday Page Using Wrapping Paper

I had several holiday events for this last year in college, but I wanted to put them on one page.

How could I unify them and not shop for special Christmas scrapbook paper?

Here’s the plan:

  1. Use cardstock in my stash to create offset photo collage.
  2. Cut pictures to create collage and leave empty spaces.
  3. Fill empty spaces with wrapping paper.
  4. Add a headline down the side of the page.

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Paper Bow Tutorial

I’ve seen several sets of instructions on making bows and was very eager to try this myself. I could never get the instructions to work quite right, so here is my own design with tutorial. My darling little niece turned 6 years old last week, so I jumped at the chance to make something for her.

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