Scrapbook Layout: Season Ticket Letter

Season Ticket Layout by Natalie ParkerSeason Ticket Layout by Natalie ParkerKind of a boring layout, no?  I love it, it feels more scrapbook-y to me in the sense that it’s holding an important keepsake.

This letter to Mr. P and I is from our alma mater letting us know our football season ticket seat assignments.  While we would go on to have season tickets every year after that, this letter is special because it was the first year we bought season tickets as alumni.

The headline, “See you in QQ,” is a reference to the section that we sat in that year and years afterward.

I designed the arrow myself!  I couldn’t find anything that worked exactly so I tried my hand at it.  If you like it, you can download a Silhouette Studio file below.

I hope you like the simplicity of this because the next layout is going to be crammed full of stuff . . .

Season Ticket Layout by Natalie ParkerFonts: Carton | Tools: Silhouette SD (headline), | Supplies: Arrow Cut File for Silhouette Studio (free download) | Keepsakes Included: Season ticket letter.