How to Dress Up Store-Bought Wedding Invitations

Dress up store-bought wedding invitationsSome wedding crafts I made myself.  My invitations were not one of them.  I wanted professional invitations that I could build on and personalize.

Here is my idea on how to take simple invitations and add a more personal touch.

Designing a Custom Overlay for Professionally Printed Invitations

Here is what we ordered.  It’s me, right?  Clean and simple.  We got invitations, inner and outer envelopes, and response cards with their envelopes.

Dress up store-bought wedding invitationsI especially loved the invitation because it was a card made out of hefty stock.

Dress up store-bought wedding invitationsA picture of our ceremony site was a theme for our wedding stuff, such as in our Save the Date cards.  For our invitations, I designed a translucent overlay/insert.*

Turn a Picture into a Watermark: I started with a picture I took of our site, then turned it black and white.  I pasted it into MS Word and made it the same size as our invitations.  Finally, I increased the brightness so it would turn into a faint watermark.

Dress up store-bought wedding invitationsPrint on Translucent Paper: I printed these with the photo printer on translucent paper from The Paper Company.  This is still the best deal I’ve found – much cheaper than buying vellum by the sheet!

Dress up store-bought wedding invitationsCut and Insert into Invitation: Finally, I had them professionally cut and placed them on top of the invitation card in the envelope.  It was loose – I did not attach them.  In my scrapbook (below), I did attach it to the page with a thin sliver of tape.

Dress up store-bought wedding invitationsFinished product below (including the maps, which I will save for another time).  I love how the translucent overlay makes it so unique!

Dress up store-bought wedding invitations*I came up with this idea three years earlier when designing a ticket for a formal event (see the ticket and my scrapbook layout for that event here).  Back then I tried printing on tracing paper.  Don’t do that, it doesn’t work.  Make sure to use vellum or other translucent paper.