Wedding Scrapbook Finished

Finished Wedding scrapbookIt’s official, I’m declaring it – the wedding scrapbook is finished!

It took me over a year to finish.  That’s a lot to think about, really.  I’m not sweating it and am actually pretty proud of myself because most weeks I only had a couple hours to devote to it and there were times like this and this where I was away for weeks.

It’s all bound together, the entire story starting with our engagement, all of the wedding planning, dress shopping, bridal showers and rehearsal.  The wedding itself is very detailed, capturing all the moments and all the keepsakes: the invitation, program, menu, favors, and more.  I documented all the places we visited on our honeymoon and finally, every wedding anniversary.

It will never actually be finished, of course.  Every year after our anniversary, I’ll add a new page with our picture, one of our guest book cards, and some thoughts.

It took me five years to start it.  I’m not upset about that at all.  Sometimes I think we beat ourselves up too much about not having time to get to a creative project.  It’s a creative project, you’re supposed to enjoy it.  It’s never too late to start something.  Don’t worry about whether it’s the right time.

Finished Wedding scrapbookI actually finished the final page late in the evening.  Wanting to bind the whole thing together so badly, I sat at the scanner for a half an hour scanning the final layouts for the blog.  Mr. P, ever the perfect husband, stayed up way past his bedtime to flip through the bound finished product.

Finished Wedding scrapbookTo see all of the pages in my wedding scrapbook, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

The Pink Shimmer Stock Debacle

Pink Shimmer Cardstock Wedding ScrapbookI wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t dramatic.

I’m using 3 different cardstocks for my wedding scrapbook in addition to patterned paper.  I have grey and pearl shimmer cardstock from Die Cuts with a View.  I also ordered some plain pink cardstock.  I thought it was okay to have the pink be non-shimmer because I planned on using it sparingly.

Pink Shimmer Cardstock Wedding ScrapbookI was designing the layouts for my wedding invitations and something just. wasn’t. right.  The page really needed a flourish of some sort and it needed to be pink (just trust me for the sake of argument here).   And you know what?  Using flat pink cardstock when everything else is shiny wasn’t going to work.

I may have panicked.  After searching, I found out that Die Cuts with a View did make pink shimmer stock but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I couldn’t find anything similar either!  They do sell pink shimmer stock in a pad that includes other colors, but I would have to pay ~$20 for what would get me 4 sheets of pink.

I was left with 2 options: spend a ton of money for 4 sheets or come up with a different solution.  Here’s the different solution:

Pink Shimmer Cardstock Wedding sells pink shimmer envelopes* by Die Cuts with a View.  Since I was only going to be using this pink for small accents, I probably could cut up the envelopes and make them work.

I ordered a bunch and am generally pleased with this fix.  I am easily able to take apart the envelopes and use them for accents.

Pink Shimmer Cardstock Wedding ScrapbookPhew, glad that problem is solved!

*the product is actually called Pink Shimmer Cardstock Envelopes, which miffs me a bit.  The envelopes are not cardstock and have the thickness of regular paper.

Sketching and Planning the Wedding Scrapbook

Wedding Scrapbook SketchAs I get ready to take you through the wedding part of my wedding scrapbook, it’s useful to know my process.

You may think because I’m uber organized that I’ve planned how this entire book will work.  That’s a ton of pressure.  I can’t make decisions like that!

If I plan the whole book today, I’ll likely change my mind later.  I’m going to take this book one bit at a time.  When I scrapbook, I do what feels right at the time I’m working on it.  That’s it.  No regrets.

I’m starting with the first little chunk – pre-ceremony.  I make lists of what I want to include, then start sketching how many pages I think I’ll need.

Wedding Scrapbook SketchFrom there, I’m sketching ideas for layouts.  Sometimes I look at the pictures first, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I’ll see a layout online that I just know will work for one of my pages.

Wedding Scrapbook SketchOriginally I thought I would make all the layouts largely the same to tie the book together.  I decided that would be a boring process. Using the same papers tie it together well enough and I’m going to use lots of different layout designs.

Wedding Scrapbook SketchAfter I work my way through the first chunk and finish all the pages, I’ll start the whole process over with the next part.  Step by step, bit by bit.

This is really just a pep talk for myself.  Time to get going!

To see the supplies I’m using in my wedding scrapbook and progress so far, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Rehearsal & Dinner Layouts

Wedding Rehearsal ScrapbookAlright folks, this is it for pre-wedding layouts.  I can’t believe it!

This section of my wedding scrapbook is finished off with our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  It was absolutely necessary to use a ton of photos, so I knitted a bunch of them together on an orange background.

Originally, I was going to put the rehearsal on one page and the dinner on the other.  Orderly.  Instead (so very unlike me) I mixed everything up because the rehearsal pictures all together would look sort of boring.

There is a ton going on here and I’ll point out some of the features.  First, a headline cut out with the Silhouette.  I decided to put it directly over the picture.  Trust me, it’s easier to read in person.

Wedding Rehearsal ScrapbookThere are 2 separate blocks of text, one about the day in general and one about the gifts we gave to our wedding party and families.

Our invitation was a PDF (more on that later).  I shrank down the PDF to print 4 pages on one sheet:

Wedding Rehearsal Scrapbook PageThen I put it together into a little booklet like I did in this post.

Wedding Rehearsal ScrapbookSomething else you may have noticed is the row of tiny black and white photos on the second page.  I used a bunch of black and white kid pictures of us for the rehearsal dinner (more on that project later) and decided to incorporate those into the layout.

Wedding Rehearsal ScrapbookWrapping it all up, here is the finished product.  I’m happy with the nice mix of people, decorations, the gifts we gave and all the fun:

Wedding Rehearsal Scrapbook PageThis page is part of my ongoing wedding scrapbook.  To see all the pages, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Planning Layout

Wedding Planning Scrapbook Layout

See, I told you we were moving right along!

I wanted to create a layout that captured the essence of all the planning we did.  I had tons of keepsakes leftover from planning and quite a few pictures of the process.  I ended up with a pretty simple layout!

Wedding Planning Scrapbook Layout

I can’t list exactly one place where I got the inspiration.  I’ve been lusting after layouts featuring vertical strips for quite some time!

A closeup – I trimmed down the receipt for our marriage license and barely got it to fit.  On the left is one of our wedding favors.  On the right is a picture of me addressing invitations.

Wedding Planning Scrapbook Layout

Here, I included pieces of two drawings we made.  The white one is a sketch of our ceremony site I made for the company delivering the chairs to show them where to set everything up.  The yellow one is where Mr. P and I decided where to put the tables at the reception and which table was for whom.  The picture between the maps is of a pile of response cards coming in the mail.

Wedding Planning Scrapbook Layout

I alternated the border on each piece with a different color of cardstock from my engagement paper scheme.

Finally, I cut a headline and flourish with the Silhouette.

Wedding Planning Scrapbook Layout

The finished product:

Wedding Planning Scrapbook Layout

To see all of the layouts in my wedding scrapbook, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Bachelor Bachelorette Party Scrapbook LayoutLots of pictures, lots of keepsakes and a really fun weekend to remember.

How to get a bachelor/bachelorette party weekend in Vegas to mesh with with everything else in the wedding scrapbook?  A challenge for sure.

I mixed all the keepsakes and photos, kitting everything tightly together into a collage.  I took the stack of keepsakes and trimmed down my favorites:

Bachelor Bachelorette Party Scrapbook LayoutI included a cocktail napkin, boarding pass, an advertisement for a club we went to, and cut out a piece from a cardboard photo holder that held a photo taken at a club (similar to when you buy a picture after a ride at Disneyland – it’s the Hard Rock piece going down the left side).

My favorite piece is the room key.  I snuck the story about the weekend inside the flap of the room key holder:

Bachelor Bachelorette Party Scrapbook LayoutFinally stealing an idea from Natalie that I’ve been wanting to use for a while, I left an unglued section when I attached the collage to the page.  This left me a nice space to tuck a quote list and top 10 list we wrote during the weekend.  These aren’t for public consumption, but they were too funny to part with, so I like the idea of discreetly tucking them away.

Bachelor Bachelorette Party Scrapbook LayoutLastly, I cut a simple headline with a flourish with the Silhouette.  I don’t think a fancier flourish would have looked quite right here 🙂

Bachelor Bachelorette Party Scrapbook LayoutAfter finishing this layout, I realized I’m seriously winding down the Engagement section of the scrapbook.  Only a few more pages to go!

Bachelor Bachelorette Party Scrapbook LayoutFor the colors I picked out for the Engagement portion of this book, see my Engagement Paper Scheme post.

To see all the layouts in my wedding scrapbook so far, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbok Bridal Shower Layouts

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutLots and lots of stuff to stuff on this page!  I’ve been saying that with pretty much every page, so I should be getting used to it by now.

The left page captures my “main” bridal shower that my sister-in-law was good enough to throw for me:

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutOn the right page I captured two different work showers.  I alternated the headline on this page to make it less matchy.

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutMy absolute favorite part of these layouts is what I did with the cards I received:

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutI picked my favorite cards and cut out squares.  Sometimes I used the front of the card if it was a pretty design, other times I cut out the message someone wrote.

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutAll the cards, pictures and stories are backed in cardstock from my engagement paper scheme.

A second element unifying these pages is the large keepsakes on both pages.  On the left, I have the shower invitation.  On the right, I made an envelope to store cards my coworkers gave me with marital advice.

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutI made the envelope out of plain white paper and lined it with grey patterned paper (Bella Blvd Socialite – Tango), a sample I ordered when I was trying to pick the paper for the book.  Both the envelope and the liner were made using Paper Source Envelope Templates and Envelope Liner templates.

With this, I’m well over halfway through the engagement section of the scrapbook!

Bridal Shower Scrapbook LayoutTo see all of my wedding scrapbook pages finished to date, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Dress Shopping Layout

Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook LayoutWedding dress shopping!  This is why I’m so happy to be including pre-wedding stuff in my wedding scrapbook.

Challenge 1: I had a ton of pictures from trying on wedding and bridesmaid dresses.  I wanted to create a sense that I tried on a lot of dresses without overwhelming the page.

Challenge 2: Some of the pictures were just okay.  I wasn’t that great at taking pictures back then.  Plus, I have some pictures of my bridesmaids in pretty random dresses and I know they would appreciate it if I didn’t blow them up to 5×7″.

Solution?  Lots of little rectangles.  This is very similar to the discussion I posted about using lots of little squares in a layout.

Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook LayoutI created a long vertical grid and cut the pictures to 1.8 x 1.25 inches.  To keep it interesting, I mixed in a few black and white ones.  The large color picture near the top is me trying on the dress that I ended up getting.

Fitting in Keepsakes:  This included the business card from the salon where I bought my dress, a swatch of my bridesmaids dresses, and paint chips that I picked up that day to match my wedding colors.

Wedding Dress Shopping ScrapbookI trimmed the keepsakes the same size as the pictures.  They neatly fit into the layout without being too distracting.

Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook LayoutWondering what the best way is to include swatches of fabric in your scrapbook?  Never fear, I’ll be covering that in a different post in the future.

Wedding Dress Shopping ScrapbookFinishing it off, I added a blue border around the grid and cut a headline out with the Silhouette.

Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook LayoutTo see my entire wedding scrapbook (so far), please visit my wedding scrapbook page.

Wedding Dress Shopping Scrapbook Layout