Deleting My Wedding Pictures

Deleting wedding picturesI got your attention with that headline, didn’t I?

I’m talking about some of my wedding pictures, not all of my wedding pictures.

Now that I’m done with my wedding scrapbook, I’m itching to get some hard drive space back.  You see, my wedding pictures took up around 7 gigs of space.

Let’s get this straight:  I still have the master DVD of all wedding pictures from my photographer.  That is in safe storage.  I figure by the time the DVD goes bad I probably won’t be that attached to 7 gigs of pictures.

I don’t need every single wedding picture on my hard drive.  I have every single picture my photographer took.  That means I have six different versions of the same wedding party picture.  Four versions of a large family picture.  You get the idea.

I went through all the pictures, kept the best version of everything and deleted the extras.  I took it down to just over 2 gigs.  Those 2 gigs I’m keeping on my hard drive, my external hard drive, and backed up on SmugMug.

How did I end up with that many wedding pictures to begin with?  I’ll be sharing that and other thoughts about wedding photographers later on in the week.