London: Daunt Books

Daunt Books London by Natalie Parker

Daunt Books.  I’m already planning my return.

In a perfect world, I would spend at least a half a day there and bring an empty suitcase.

Daunt Books is a traveler’s paradise, whether you’re planning to go somewhere or just want to learn more about a far off place.

Daunt Books London by Natalie Parker

When I’m planning a trip, I want to learn everything I can (not just what’s shared in a guidebook).  I want to read books that take place in that place.  I always find it difficult to search for those, especially online.

At Daunt everything is arranged by geography.

Get that?  It means that I found a guidebook on visiting Russia right next to a copy of War and Peace.  And I almost fainted.  Not really.  Almost.

Daunt Books London by Natalie Parker

I never thought there would be a place that arranged books the way I wanted to see them.  I started thinking about all the trips we’ve planned (and the ones we’re just dreaming about) and considered buying all. the. books.

Daunt Books London by Natalie Parker

They have cards too!  And a few other little items that make crafty folks and letter writers happy.

Daunt Books London by Natalie Parker

Daunt Books, we will meet again!

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I traveled solo to London for the month of April on a business trip and kept myself entertained on the weekends exploring new places.