Cross-Stitching by Natalie Parker

I’ve taken up cross-stitching again.

I learned when I was 11 or 12 from my mom.  She was a fierce cross-stitcher before she moved onto quilting.  It’s been a couple decades (thereabouts) since I’ve cross-stitched.

I’ve been hankering to try it again but a few things held me back.  I could never find a pattern I liked.  I’m too practical — I won’t make something I wouldn’t consider hanging in my home.  I didn’t need animals, kids, houses, mansions, landscapes, unicorns, Edward Cullen, etc.  My crafting time is also limited and it is almost all devoted to scrapbooking.

Then I had a creative drought with my scrapbook.  I had to leave it alone and work on something else.  Suddenly there was room for something else creative!  I flipped through patterns on Etsy tirelessly but nothing was quite right (in the event I have a child, I know where to get tons of cute Star Wars patterns).  I discovered Pic 2 Pat and made my own pattern.  It took a while and I almost didn’t finish it.  But the scrapbook doldrums persisted so I pressed on.

I picked up my DMC threads the other day and got started.  I’m totally thrilled!  It’s fun to have a project I can work on when I’m curled up on the couch.

The finished product should be in the 16×20-inch range (theoretically, we’ll see if I used Pic 2 Pat correctly).  I’m not going to hurry through it and estimate it will take me at least several months if not a year to finish.  But working on it is starting to soothe my creative issues.  YES.