New Spring Color Palettes

Spring color palette based on bouquet of greens, pinks and purples.Spring color pallette based on pinks, oranges and yellows.Happy Spring!  Yes, I’m going to say that spring has sprung even though some of the country is still sitting under snow.  Positive thinking, people!

Besides the calendar telling me it’s spring, I know for sure it is because the asparagus has started showing up at my local farmer’s market.  For us, it means the end of winter cooking and moving on to springier dishes.

I dug through my files looking for some spring inspiration.  I put together two new color palettes for you!

The first one is from a bouquet of flowers we saw on our trip to Seattle.  The second is from my trip to Sydney – those flowers drop on my coworker’s car in the morning!

I hope these inspire you!


Spring Color Palettes

Spring Color PaletteHappy Spring!  I hope the sun is starting to peek out wherever you are.

Here are some fun new color palettes I made to celebrate the season.  I hope they inspire you!

Dahlias at the Market

These are from the flower seller at our farmer’s market.  I love how stunning the colors are!

Spring Color PalettePansies from Home

From our backyard last year:

Spring Color PaletteTulips in Chicago

From a business trip I took last year.  I love when cities have tulips planted on busy thoroughfares.

Spring Color PaletteWildflowers on the Prairie

I snapped these walking through a prairie with my niece and nephew.  It was a very windy day but luckily the flowers cooperated for a picture!

Spring Color PaletteSee my first set of color palettes here and a second set I did for the holidays here.

Holiday Colors

Christmas ColorsI know you’re out there already making plans for the December holiday season!  How about some color inspiration for you?

I went through my collection of holiday photos and picked out some fun ones that had good color combinations.  I also realized at this point that I need to take more and better pictures around the holidays!  I don’t need to capture every moment, but I need to make sure I get a few key ones, you know I should have learned that lesson for this year!

Under the Tree

Maybe someday I will share with you my obsessive gift-wrapping tendencies.  Maybe not, because I’m a weirdo.  For now, here’s a picture  of the gifts below our tree from a couple of years ago – nice and colorful!

Christmas ColorsMmmmm . . . Cookies.

Cookie decorating at my office from a couple Christmases ago. I really like how the blues in the palette really incorporate well with the reds and greens.

Christmas ColorsUnion Square Christmas Tree

This is a close-up of the ornaments on the Union Square Christmas Tree in San Francisco that I took with my sister.  I like how the colors came out slightly muted, but still powerful.

Christmas Colors

Cue Up Some Color

Color PaletteI’ve been skipping around Pinterest lately hunting for ideas for the wedding scrapbook.  I love looking at color palettes that are made from pretty pictures like this one, this one and this one.

It didn’t even occur to me that I could make my own!  It actually gives me something to do with all my random pictures of inanimate objects.

Making these can get addicting very quickly, so I’ve done just a few to share!

A Flower Stand in Southern France

I took this picture last summer at the Cours-Saleya market in Nice, France.  I couldn’t resist the orchids!

Color PaletteDreaming of Summer in St. Tropez

Same trip.  We escaped the buzz of the main area of St. Tropez for a second and took in this view.

Color PaletteGolden Fields of Poppies

A trove of California poppies from just around the corner.

Color PaletteParasols in Vegas

These parasols were hanging from the ceiling at the Wynn in Las Vegas.  I love the colors!

Color Palette