One Year Ago

Happy BlogiversaryOne year today!  The time has flown! It seems like just yesterday I was saying hello and starting my tiny blog.  Thank you again to all my wonderful readers!

Did you know I started my blog on my birthday?  It’s a coincidence but it makes the day extra special.

I’ll ask you to do the writing today.  Do you have any suggestions or comments?  Do you have things you would like to see more of?

If you are a reader but don’t usually comment, it would make my day if you popped into the comments today!  There is no login required, it’s super easy!

My Favorite Posts of the Year

Pssst!  Did you know that I’ve been writing this blog for almost a year?

I’ll do more reflecting later.  For now, I’ll share with you my favorite posts from the past year of blogging.  They are my favorites for many different reasons, favorite projects, favorite writing, etc.  Enjoy!

Using Makeshift Carbon Paper to Transfer a Design

The Only Scrapbook Album I Use and Why

Turning My Wedding Pictures into Wedding Cards

How to Make a Paper Bow

The Statement Picture on a Scrapbook Page

Keeping a Travel Journal

Saving Travel Keepsakes

Yosemite Layout in Squares

The Book Project

My Last College Layout

Protecting Photos: I Guest Post Over at Crafterminds

Mystery PhotoI have something extra cool to share with you today!  It’s not here, it’s over at Crafterminds.  Crafterminds is a resource for creative bloggers.  I wrote a post for them about how to find the true owner of a photo that’s floating around the internet and also how to protect photos that you post on your blog.

This all is the result of a wild goose chase I went on to find the owner of a photo to share with you later (it has to do with my wedding scrapbook).  I never post someone else’s photo on my blog without their permission first.  The tips in the post I wrote are really helpful, I hope you like it!

Head over to:  Protect Photos with Google Search by Image | Crafterminds.

Picture of bouquet is included with permission from Kate Osborne Photography.

Hello My Pretty . . .

What’s that?  A new blog design?  Isn’t it pretty?

If you’re reading this by email or RSS, hop on over here and check it out!

I’ve been wanting to change the look of my blog for quite a while.  I never felt I got it exactly right when I started, but I was a rookie.  It’s been almost a year since I started, so it’s time for an update!

Of course I agonized over my choices to the point that while I was on the 20th header re-design, the husband said: “that one’s FINE.  Go with THAT.”

The new design reflects all sorts of things I love and use in my scrapbook pages:  white space, clean lines, the same pretty fonts I use over and over, and lots of squares and rectangles.  Overall, I’m digging the new refined look.

I’ve added buttons down the left sidebar to help you better navigate to pages.  I’ve also added a page on all my travel-related posts.  Yes, I know summer is almost over, but we can dream, right?

I’d love to hear what you think!  I hope you like it!


Hello there!  I’m coming to you from my sick bed today to share some exciting updates to my blog!

One could interpret this as I’m really bored.

Updated Menus

I’ve added new menus for Supplies and Tips & Techniques.  The Supplies menu features all of my posts on supplies or products that I use.  I’m not paid to endorse any of them, they’re just my favorites after a ton of trial and error.

Tips & Techniques is a collection of all my scrapbooking tip-like posts.  This collection of posts is not only about specific scrapbooking techniques (such as this makeshift carbon paper post that I refer to constantly), but also other ideas that are part of my process such as keepsake organization, saving newspapers, keeping a travel journal and types of pictures to take on your vacation.

While you are checking these out, stop by my other menus that collect all of my posts on craft projects as well as all of my scrapbook layouts.

Links to Blogs I Read

I’ve updated the Links page with a bunch of new scrapbooking and paper craft blogs that I read.  Yes, I do indeed read them all every single day.  Check them out for some exciting stuff!


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While you’re at it, check out my Facebook page.  I post updates from my blog on my Facebook page as well as other fun craft ideas that I find.

I hope this makes navigating my blog easier for you!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I think I love this holiday more than Valentine’s Day.

I hope you are enjoying reading about Jessika’s scrapbook process.  She will have a couple more guest posts next week that are chock full of good tips.  Jess offers a unique perspective on scrapbooking that I think makes scrapbooking more accessible.

Enjoy her posts and I’ll see you when I get back!

Gone Fishin’

Hello Friends,

Our bags are packed, I’ve got my travel journal made and the Husband and I are off to someplace far far away. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

I’m very excited to announce that my dear friend Jessika will be guest posting here for the next couple of weeks. Jessika blogs over at Oregon Kaisers. She is knee-deep in an epic scrapbooking project, so I’ve asked her to indulge me and share it here with you!

Oh, and Jess is also an avid gardener. If you have any pressing gardening questions as spring creeps upon us, she is the absolute champ!

I’ll be back soon and I can’t wait to share my new adventures.

Facebook Page is Up and Running!

Dear readers, Almost Never Clever now has its own Facebook page! Follow the link or click the button on the right sidebar to visit the page. Be sure to “like” the page so you receive updates on new posts in your News Feed.

Wait, there’s more! Not only will you get updates on my posts, but I’ll be sharing cute ideas I find elsewhere in the blogosphere. Head over there now to see things I’ve found like tiny gift bags and rose wreaths!

Thanks for following along!