Becoming a Master Packer

2 Weeks in Europe Packing List by Natalie Parker

It took four years for me to be a master packer.  Four years and a couple of embarrassing trips hurling suitcases everywhere leading to near divorce.

Packing light is tough for me because I like being prepared and I get uncomfortable really quickly if the weather changes.  I get too hot.  I get too cold.  I get crabby if my feet start hurting.  I don’t like sticking out.  I like to look nice.  I get bored if I’m wearing all neutrals. I don’t like wearing shorts.  You get the picture.  Effortless and my wardrobe generally aren’t said in the same sentence.

But behold, here is what I’m packing for just over two weeks in Europe.  Temps range from 65 – 86 F during the day.  It could rain, it could not.

It’s still REALLY hard.  But the point is, if the over-thinker/control-freak behind this message can do it, so can you!  I’m also taking comfort in the fact that I will go shopping while I’m there.

Check in on Instagram as we make our way through our next trip and see if I chose correctly or chose poorly.

What are your best tips for packing?

2 thoughts on “Becoming a Master Packer

  1. I love every piece of clothing you have here – great job! It looks like you have tons of combinations, really pretty clothes and some good looking but comfortable shoes. Are any of these pieces new? Like you could provide links? What sneakers have you found worked well for traveling? Not athletic looking but supportive enough for walking all day?

    • Thanks!! Note some of the pics are close approximations because I couldn’t find the exact pic of everything online. I’ll post some links with new stuff when I get home, but to answer the shoe question: I have a pair of grey suede pumas that I love. Still a tad sportier than I’d really like, but they hold up well. I’m experimenting with a pair of Birkenstocks in the Madrid style on this trip as well.

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