Programming Note

Paper Project by Natalie Parker

A short note today for my scrapbooker / crafty audience:

You may be wondering all of this travel is great, but where are the paper projects?  Or not, maybe you love everything I write in which case, thank you!

But seriously, where are the projects?  I’ve kept this off-blog for several reasons, but we had a major issue with our new home.  As a result, I haven’t done a paper project since we moved last year.  It’s been tough keeping our heads above water but we finally have it behind us.

This weekend I worked on my first paper project in months.  It felt so normal and for that I’m thankful.

For the near future, you’ll still see a lot of travel-related posts.  I want to get all of my Italy posts from last year’s trip up, then I’ll write more about our big adventure around the world.  The paper will return as I get more time to work on paper projects!


5 thoughts on “Programming Note

  1. Sorry to hear of your issue! I’m glad it’s getting resolved or is resolved. I look forward to seeing your Italy photos!

  2. I’m so sorry that you’ve been through such a big issue with your home 😦 I’m glad to hear that you are through it and that you can get back into your papercrafting. I’m looking forward to hearing about your projects! 🙂

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