Don’t Give into Fear and Other Great Travel Links

Airport Departure Board

It’s time for another round up of great travel bits I’ve saved!

Best Flight Map Ever for AvGeeks.  Ever.  You can select an airport and see all the flights all over the world it flies to in a cool graphic way.  Try it!

Don’t give into fear (or how to travel to a place you know nothing about).  This post x1000.  Fear mongering about travel is something that infuriates me like no other.  On that note  . . .

Thoughts on Colombia.  I loved this summary of Ford and Lucky’s trip to Colombia, especially the commentary from their friends before they left.  Given the changes in the miles and points landscape, expect to see many more people exploring South America.

Why butter is better in France.  You know that you’ve always wondered.  I’ll dream tonight about le beurre.

Does Visa shortchange you on exchange rates?  This is the first I’ve read about this and I’ll need to pay attention on our next trip.  Anyone else do the math?

No more fee to travel to Argentina!  Argentina rolled back the $140 reciprocity fee for US travelers.

Alaska is buying Virgin America.  Color me bummed about this.  I really like both airlines, but I’ll be sad to see the coolness of the Virgin brand go if this goes through, not to mention losing an airline that’s headquartered in the Bay Area.

Photo courtesy Yazan Badran via Creative Commons license.


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