The Big 5 Game on Safari

African Lions by Natalie Parker 2

I heard the term “big five” used a lot while we were on safari: what the big five were, whether one had seen all of the big five, etc.

I soon found out that the big five game were the elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino.  It seemed a bit odd to me to single those animals out as had to see.  Maybe it’s because I like giraffes.  Moving on.

It wasn’t until I decided to put together this post of some Big Five pictures that I found out what the origin of the term is.  It’s actually a hunting term — these animals were considered by hunters as the five most difficult animals to hunt in Africa on foot.  Later the term was adopted by safari companies for marketing purposes.  I suppose that explains why I was confused about why giraffes weren’t “big” enough to be in the group.  It certainly explains all the big five magnets and postcards!

Be that as it may, since I gathered the pictures, here are some of my favorites of the big five from our trip.

Leopard by Natalie Parker

Cape Buffalo by Natalie Parker

African Lions by Natalie Parker

Wihte Rhinos by Natalie Parker

African Elephant by Natalie Parker


3 thoughts on “The Big 5 Game on Safari

  1. Oh Natalie– these photos are incredible– and I know that they don’t even compare with the experience of actually being there! Wow, wow, wow. Thank you so much for sharing them here.

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