Things You Should Never Wear on a Plane and Other Travel Reading

Air France A380 by Natalie Parker

7 Things to Never Wear on a Plane.  Yep.  All the yeps here.  I know some would disagree with the flip flop statement, but you never know when you are going to be running through the airport or on an unexpectedly cool plane.

Visa-Free Travel to Brazil.  Citizens of the US and a handful of other countries can travel to Brazil without a visa this summer.  Perhaps due to this summer’s Olympics in Rio, this could be an awesome thing if you saw a last minute low fare and wanted to hop on a plane to check it out.  I still really REALLY regret not doing that for London 2012.

CNN’s Emerging Destinations for 2016.  Yes please.  All of the above.  When do we leave?

Greenland Travel: What You Need to Know.  On that note, check out this blogger I picked up on recently and her trip to Greenland and Iceland.  I want to go to Greenland!!! (I spared you the all caps, but picture a tantrum-ing toddler saying that).

Hotel Currency Conversion Scam.  I’m with Lucky on this one, it’s totally scammy.  When using your credit card in foreign countries, always always be proactive and tell them you want it charged in local currency before they run the card.  They should give you a choice but you never know who will think they’re doing you a favor by charging in your home currency (and ripping you off with a crap exchange rate).  Check out my post here for more tips on using credit cards abroad.

Have you Ever Seen a 5-Engine 747.  This is way cool and kind of freaky.

How to Stay in Shape on the Road.  All kinds of fail from Mr. P and I on this during our recent 38-day trip.  I really liked this post and will consider his ideas for our next trip.

New Guide to British Etiquette at Heathrow.  I thought it was super cute.  It will be shown to incoming passengers.  After you . .

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