Never Take a Once in a Lifetime Trip (and Other Travel Reading)


Vietnam Airlines Boarding Pass by Natalie Parker

Happy New Year!  Mr. P and I are just returning (recovering?) from a 38-day trip circumnavigating the globe.  Most of us are thinking ahead about the new year, but he and I are trying to get organized and actually know what day it is.

If you’re in denial about having to go back to work after the holiday, allow me to share some great reading.  I’ll be back soon with all kinds of good stuff about our trip.

Never Take Another “Once in a Lifetime Trip.  I agree with this 1000% and I wouldn’t call our latest trip a trip of a lifetime.

Are French People Rude or Simply French?  This is a great post debunking cultural cliches about the French.  Instead of having to explain this every time someone uses one of these cliches, I can send them this handy post!

Why Are Airlines Keeping Surcharges Even Though Fuel is Cheap Now?  An explanation provided by Lucky.

Travel Stuff You Don’t Need?  I agree with a few things on this list and vehemently disagree with others (witness my two cameras plus two phones on this last trip . . .)

5 Things you Didn’t Know About Paris Markets.  Really good stuff here and great to know if you are perusing outdoor markets in Paris.

Did you Know Shakespeare & Company has a Cafe now?  I can’t wait to go back and check this out.

Search On. One of my favorite things to watch at the close of a year is Google’s year end search video.  It always makes me feel all the feelings and remember why I like to travel and why I like to scrapbook current events.  The world will never be the same.

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