Away We Go

Departure Board by Natalie Parker

By the time this post goes live, Mr. P and I will be up in the air starting our newest and most ambitious adventure.  Planned last year on Christmas Day sitting in our rented Munich apartment, we were able to convince our lovely employers that giving us this much time off would work.

And so we’re off.  We’ll be gone for close to 40 days, visiting 7 countries, and will circumnavigate the globe by the time we get home.  We are keeping to the southern hemisphere or near the equator most of the time to enjoy the weather and to keep our bags light.  It will be quite a change from the last two Christmases traveling with snow.

So, bags packed, Christmas cards have been sent, lovely people watching our new house, extra pages added to our passport, and too many checklists written.  I’ve pre-scheduled some posts to publish while I’m away.

If you’d like to keep up with us in real time, I will be posting on Instagram.

Happy holidays!



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