Designing New Luggage Tags (free download!)

Luggage Tags by Natalie Parker

Picture this:  it’s the night before our most recent trip to Europe.  We are trying to finish up work and head to bed soon.  It’s the perfect time to realize that we just moved into a new house and all the contact information on our luggage tags is bad.  *smacks head*

I’d been wanting to redesign our luggage tags for a while.  They were so law-firm-circa-2006.  I had plenty of other projects to do but looked forward to when I would have to redesign them if we moved.  So excited!

Then yeah, we bought a house in a flurry, moved in, then packed our bags for Europe.

15-Minute Design

What’s a girl to do?  Stick with Times New Roman again?  No way.  This was a design emergency and I’m love the results.

Inspiration: I browsed my Type pinboard on Pinterest to get some ideas.  I wanted something bold that would say “that’s not your bag” without actually having to say it.

Fonts Used:  I used Oswald for our name and Ostrich Sans for our contact information on the back.

Software & Cardstock: I threw this together old school in MS Word and printed directly on some bright teal stock I had in my stash.  I think the design would have been pretty striking on white, but Mr. P vetoed it.  He said a colored tag was easier to see from far away.  He’s right, as per usual.

Luggage Tags by Natalie Parker


The whole thing was a 15-minute design operation and I’m pretty pleased!  Usually I labor over design choices for a while.  This is totally like being on Project Runway, I’m sure.

Thank goodness I had some blank luggage tag holders!

Download the Template

Download the template here for MS Word.  I didn’t fix it up except to remove my personal info.  You’ll have to download the fonts and adjust the spacing a bit depending on your information.



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