Our Very First Home

New House

Big news over here in Natalie-land:  Mr. P and I have purchased our first home!

We are very happy to have purchased and remained in Oakland and are excited about our new neighborhood.  Though the house was move-in ready, we are discovering that homeowner feeling of death-by-a-thousand-tiny-projects, also commonly known as death-by-a-thousand-trips-to-home-depot.

We’re finally settling in after moving and we’re really smitten.  I’m really excited to share projects with you now that we don’t have bed sheets covering the windows anymore.

Moving was relatively painless thanks to lots of help from our families and that we Kondo-ed all our stuff earlier in the year.  We got to skip the step of whether we should keep or give things away because we’d already done that earlier in the year.

It’s a ranch-style home that was built in the 1950’s — an odd find since a lot of the housing stock in Oakland is craftsman.  It was built as an office and we are the first ever to be using it as a house.  It has more space than we are used to, so we’re being very careful to keep our stuff in check and not grow into all the closets.

Exciting things ahead!


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