London: Tate Britain Musuem

Tate Britain Museum, LondonTate Britain Museum, London

When I was in high school, a few of my English teachers had posters of Tate artworks in their classrooms.  I remember the poster of Ophelia in my Shakespeare class and “The Tate Gallery, London” printed underneath it.  Every time I saw it, I told myself someday I’d go to London and see her in person.

I’d been to London three times before this year and never made it to the Tate Britain.  I was determined not to miss it during my April trip!

It can be tough to fit in a visit because it’s not near any huge tourist attractions.  Plus, every time I go to London I’m working and my leisure time is limited.  The Tate closes at 6pm daily, which makes an after work stop impossible.

Tate Britain Museum, London

Some Pointers for Your Visit

This post is about the Tate Britain, not to be confused with the Tate Modern.  I feel like the Tate Mordern is getting all the love these days.  The Tate Britain houses British artworks from dating from 1500 to the present.

Admission is Free.  Donations are appreciated.  I dropped in a donation when I picked up a museum map.

There is a free coat room.  I love the UK for its abundance of coat rooms.  I got caught in a rainstorm on the way to the museum and was happy to shed my coat and umbrella.

What I Thought

I spent just under two hours there.  Everyone has their own museum philosophy and I think it’s a-okay to see the artworks you want to see and move on.  It’s actually quite fun to hunt for the must-see paintings and be totally shocked when you see them in person.

So happy I got to see Ophelia and The Lady of Shalott (another that I’d seen in posters umpteen times).  Ophelia was smaller in person than I thought she would be but she was just stunning.  There’s so much depth to the painting that can’t be seen with a print.

Tate Britain Museum, LondonTate Britain Museum, London

I’m glad I finally made it to the museum!  Have you been?


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I traveled solo to London for the month of April on a business trip and kept myself entertained on the weekends exploring new places.

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