Proper Map Art

Map Art

I love maps.  I love using maps in my scrapbooks.  I love love love map art.

There’s just one problem: I get really irked at “incorrect” map art.  The majority for sale are missing Antarctica.

Call it an #AntracticaTravelerProblem, but if you’ve been there you know it’s not a footnote.  Looking at map art, I’m sad artists leave it out.  I’m sad and kind of ticked because I’ll never be able to look at map art the same way again.

Mr. P, the geographer, once asked me for a map shirt similar to what Sheldon Cooper wears on the Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon’s shirt doesn’t include Antarctica!  I had to hunt and find a correct one (you can find it here).

Here’s some great “proper” map art I found on Etsy!

Map Art

Animal Map of the World

Map Art

Pallet Board World Map

Map Art

Custom Duvet Cover

Map Art

World Map Wall Decal

Map Art

Watercolor World Map Print

Which is your favorite?  I love them all!


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