Weekend Reading, Vol. 2

Weekend Reading

More cool things from all over the internet today for your reading pleasure.  I have a heavy influence on travel, of course, but did you know I’m also a royal watcher?

An excellent, excellent travel book roundup by Nomadic Matt.  I added all of these to my library’s hold list.

New AirGrub app at SFO . . . I may have to try this out the next time we have a 5+ hour flight with no meal served.  Will they bring me something from Tyler Florence in Terminal 2?  Living in the epicenter of new apps certainly has its perks.

Cute article about the remaking of the christening gown used by the British Royals.

Adoring these travel-themed layouts from Ali Edwards’ creative team.  Makes me want to scrapbook all my trips now.

Carnival Corporation has been gotten approval to start cruising to Cuba, but the cruises aren’t exactly what you’d imagine.

Mattress running (like mileage running): never heard of it before but looks like it could be very lucrative if done right!

I do this and I’m sure other fellow bloggers do this as well.  Thanks, Rosie, for the reminder!

Finally, I firmly believe soccer is better in Spanish.  If you’re having a bad day, listening to the USWNT’s goals in the World Cup Final is an instant pick-me-up.

Photo courtesy Moyan Brenn via Creative Commons license.


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