Weekend in Dublin: What We Learned

Dublin What We Learned by Natalie Parker

On our last night in Dublin, we lingered over tea after dinner. While heading to a pub after dinner sounded great in theory, we both couldn’t stomach another fermented beverage. As we sat, we talked about what we learned on this trip.

I started What we Learned when we were passing the time at the end of our Christmas trip to Europe. It’s officially a blog-thing now that I’ll share after every trip. It’s a fun way to talk about those bits and pieces that don’t get blog posts on their own.

What we Learned, in No Particular Order

Sometimes there’s a service charge, sometimes not. Look at the receipt and tip 10-15% if there isn’t one. 10% is standard, 15% is generous.

Charging for tap water at a restaurant is normal.. Expect to pay around one euro.

We got really really lucky with the weather. I think we have weather karma stored up after that awful cold trip to Paris a couple years ago.

Coors Light with ice is a thing. If you order it, it comes with a glass of ice (isn’t it like drinking just water at this point?). We saw quite a few locals imbibe this way.

Dublin is a backpacker’s paradise. Tons of lodging options and cheap eats.

There’s free wifi everywhere, including pubs, public buses, the airport, tourist attractions, and even some restaurants.

Grafton Street isn’t worth your time. Shop the Creative Quarter.

Even we can get tired of going to pubs. And that’s really saying something.

Our T-Mobile international data plan is still the best thing in the history of ever. Like ever.

American bar food is really popular, especially wings. We saw wings on the menu at lots of pubs and even at a nice restaurant!

We might be okay with eBooks. Real books are heavy.

The River Liffey is extremely tidal. It was amusing to see how much it would rise and fall during the day.

The beers in Dublin have much more flavor than those in London.  We have no idea why.

There is a surprising lack of coat hooks for a country where people need to wear coats.  We miss the ubiquitous coat hooks inside restaurants and bars in Germany and Austria.

Even if we can fit all of our things in one suitcase, it’s not the end of the world to pack in two small suitcases and enjoy the extra room.  I got to bring a second jacket and another pair of shoes as a result!

And that about wraps it up for our weekend trip to Dublin!  I hope you take a trip to Dublin soon!

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Mr. P and I traveled to Dublin for a long weekend in March.  Learn how to plan a trip to Europe for the weekend (even coming all the way from California) here


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