Tasting Whiskey and Clearing Customs at the Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport
Tasting whiskey and clearing customs:  two things that don’t have much in common.  Both, however, occur at the Dublin Airport, so off we go!

Tasting Whiskey at the Airport

We were told that the best place to do a whiskey tasting is at the airport.  We allowed ourselves extra time to grab a bite and look around.

After security, there was a huge whiskey shop with three whiskeys available to taste.  Mr. P tried some stuff he’d never heard of and made a purchase.  After the Customs Preclearance, there was a tasting of some smaller Jameson labels.  Bottles of all sizes are available, including small variety packs that are great as gifts.

There was a huge variety, including stuff not sold outside of Ireland.  Jameson even had a label that is only sold at the airport!

Whiskey Tasting

US Customs Preclearance in Dublin

The Dublin Airport has a US Customs Preclearance Facility.  Translation: you clear customs before boarding your flight.  When you land in the US, you collect your bags and exit like it was a domestic flight.

A few thoughts about the Dublin Preclearance

The order of operations is this: check-in, security, food + duty free, preclearance (including another bag x-ray), tiny duty free, gate.  There was no passport checkpoint to leave Ireland as there sometimes is in other countries.  If you’d like to eat something or shop, do it before going to preclearance.  Check out the departure board — it will say when to head over.

There is Global Entry at the Preclearance Facility.  Don’t bother taking a customs declaration form if you have Global Entry.  But, you may have to remind people you have Global Entry as you move through the lines.  Our Preclearance experience with Global Entry took about 10 minutes total including the security check.

Allow time for preclearance, especially if you don’t have Global Entry.  What irks me about the preclearance thing is that it’s not well advertised.  Things in Dublin ran pretty smoothly, but I’ve heard horror stories from other countries where flights were delayed by hours because of passengers stuck in preclearance.

Bottom Line

It was a pretty interesting and entertaining airport experience in Dublin!  We loved spending our weekend in Dublin and think you should too!

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Mr. P and I traveled to Dublin for a long weekend in March.  Learn how to plan a trip to Europe for the weekend (even coming all the way from California) here

Photos by Stefan Krasowski and Nico Kaiser via Creative Commons license.


3 thoughts on “Tasting Whiskey and Clearing Customs at the Dublin Airport

  1. Hi, just found your blog, I love that you don’t use plastic. I am sorry this comment is not related to your current post here; I can’t send you a message because I have no idea how to use my silly mail tool… I would love your input on going plastic-free. I started scrapbooking in ’97 or ’98, actually when we lived in SF (there was a good art store on Haight where I got my supplies). I am now the mom to 5 kids. I have always, always, always been bothered by the plastic and at this point I am so done with it. Printed photo books are an okay alternative but not my preference. I always wanted the scrapbooks like my grandmother had.

    So here is my question for you: Are your photos from a long time ago – I think you started almost 15 years ago? – still in decent condition? I usually get glossy prints, and I would want to do facing pages. I would be afraid of contact damage. I don’t want my youngest child/ren’s photos to be damaged in the short-term while my older kids’ photos are still in lovely condition, you know?

    I am really enjoying browsing around on your site. If you have already addressed this issue with a blog post, please just send me there. And I hope you are enjoying your trip!!! Because of the aforementioned five children, I’ve never been to visit my Irish ancestral home! My husband travels though and my oldest child will soon be studying for a semester in Spain. Now if only I can convince her to print some of her gazillion digital images….

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