Bags Packed

SFO by Håkan Dahlström

I always dreamed of being a traveler.

Every time we pack our bags for a big adventure, I know how lucky we are.  I feel how lucky we are.  It’s not lost on me.

Every time we enter the airy, beautiful international terminal at SFO, I get so excited.  I grin when we go through security.  It never ever gets old.

I carry my passport like I have a backstage pass to Alice Cooper.  It’s the ultimate accessory, really.  Would you like to see my passport??  I have a passport and I’m using it to go somewhere cool!  Are you sure you don’t need to see it, Mr. TSA guy?

My bags are packed, I’m clutching my passport, and this time none of the trip includes work.

Wheels up and away we go.  We’re so lucky.

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Image by Håkan Dahlström via Creative Commons license.


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