Improving My Photoshop Skills

Improving Photoshop Skills by Natalie Parker

It’s been a few months since I took a Skillshare class and started using Photoshop.  I want to take a few more of their Photoshop classes this summer.  But for now, I’m cruising along and learning some new stuff on my own!

If you understand the basics, it’s pretty easy to learn new tasks without a class.  Like many things in life, just Google it.

How I learned to make Animated GIFs

I’m going to use my new GIF skills as an example.  When I took a blog design class last year, it included instructions on how to make GIFs.  The problem was my version of Photoshop wasn’t the same and I couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

By then I totally had my hopes up for creating GIFs so I had to find something.  Enter Google.

For a very specific task, it’s pretty easy to find someone who has published instructions or a video to help.  Just take what you want to do plus what program you want to do it in.  I searched create GIF CS6 because CS6 is the version of the program I’m using.  And boom!  I found instructions to tell me exactly how to do it.

The result?  I have cool GIFs that flip through each of my finished scrapbooks in my blog archives.

I use this same principle when fiddling with CSS when I can’t remember how to do something.  So many people put helpful instructions online!

Improving Photoshop Skills by Natalie Parker


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