My Paris, Your Paris

Notre Dame de Paris by Natalie Parker

Welcome to Paris Week on the blog!!

Every traveler has a different experience with a city.  Nowhere is this more true than Paris.  Everyone’s Paris is just a bit different.

I think it’s the nature of the city.  Paris.  It draws you in, lifts you up, and carries you away.  At least that’s what it does for me.  Paris is my first and best travel love.

Everyone will tell you that “you have to do this,” “you have to see that.”  Paris is many many things.  It’s history, nightlife, shopping, fashion, design, and art.  For us, our Paris is about the food.  Lots of it.  Oh and wine.

Our Paris is about slowing down and relaxing in a familiar place, discovering new gems, visiting favorite places, eating as much as we can stand, and watching the world pass by.  That’s the Paris I’m excited to share with you this week.

Every month this year, I’ll be featuring either a location or a theme on travel.  Paris is not only my favorite city, but it was my first trip outside the US.  We’ve been many times since then and I can’t think of a better place to start my week of posts.

I’m excited!  As always, Paris, je t’aime.


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2 thoughts on “My Paris, Your Paris

  1. I like how you put this! I agree, Paris is different for everyone and there’s no “right” way to visit it. I love that I am always discovering more about the city no matter how much time I spend there.

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