How to Find the Right Memory Keeping System for You

The Right Memory Keeping System by Natalie Parker

We’re in January, the month of beginnings.  Have you wanted to try some type of memory keeping but aren’t sure what system you should use?  Is your current memory keeping system not working for you?

How do you find the right memory keeping system for you?  I’ll tell you:

The right memory keeping system is the one you will actually do.

It’s that simple.  The end.

It’s not about what’s on trend.  It’s not about what works for other people though we can certainly learn from others’ experiences.

Whatever gets stuff off your hard drive and into a form that can be shared with the people you love is the right thing for you.  The value of information is directly related to its accessibility.

I’m going to put on my archivist hat again, stomp my feet, and remind you that digital photos are actually less stable than analog ones.  Less. stable.

Think about it and strip away the guilt and worry about what others are doing.  If you want to document your memories, be honest with yourself and don’t choose something you feel like you have to do.

Is it a traditional scrapbook?  Project Life?  Digital?  Photo books?  A family yearbook?  It doesn’t really matter.

I’ve had too many friends admire my work and sheepishly tell me that they scrapbook, but it’s not as nice as mine.  Look, just because I scrapbook a certain way doesn’t mean you have to.  I think all scrapbooks are beautiful.

Any memory that can be shared and touched is amazing.

The Right Memory Keeping System by Natalie Parker

4 thoughts on “How to Find the Right Memory Keeping System for You

  1. I do think Scrapbooks are beautiful but I don’t think they’re for me. I’m more of diary sort of person and have a digital library of my pictures which I hope to get printed at some point. 😉

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