In Store for 2015

Kerak Castle Jordan by Natalie Parker

When I launched my new blog design back in August, I said I was thinking about expanding what I write about in this space.

I have lots of opinions on things (those of you who know me in real life can stop laughing now).  I always feel like I’m not qualified to write about something.  There’s always going to be someone somewhere online who knows more about a subject than I do.  It’s why I haven’t written much about travel even though I have lots to say.

I’m not an expert on one thing.  I have many identities.  I’m a blogger, scrapbooker, photographer, wife, foodie, Oaklander, football fan, tech company worker, graduate student, traveler, and crafter.  Those things don’t necessarily go together.

That leads me to my resolution for 2015: embrace it.  Embrace being uniquely me and that I have many voices.  What I have to say matters (I’m not proving it to you, just to myself).  In case you were wondering, I talk in parentheticals in real life.

I never thought I was qualified to write about travel.  I started this blog a few months after I’d been out of the country for the first time.  All of a sudden, I’ve been to seven continents.  I think I may have earned the right to say a few words about it.  In fact, all of my pursuits taken together give me a unique view.  I’m not just a traveler.  I’m not just a scrapbooker.  It all goes together to make me who I am.

What to Expect in 2015

You will still see lots of scrapooking and crafts.  I’ll also share more about memory keeping as I keep pressing forward toward’s my master’s degree.

Every month will include a week-long travel feature about a specific place or specific travel topic.  February is going to have a week about Paris because, obviously.

I’m not subtracting anything, just adding.

This Month

January is always about new beginnings.  I’ll be sharing lots of new beginnings here.  You’ll see the first pages of my new scrapbook.  I’ll discuss starting to travel.  If you’ve ever wanted to try scrapbooking or some type of memory keeping, stay tuned for some help on getting started.

Ready?  Ready.  2015?  Time to begin.

Image above is at Kerak Castle in Jordan during our 2011 trip to the Middle East.

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