Europe Travel Journal

Europe Travel Journal by Natalie Parker

Above, my Europe travel journal pictured at the top of the Marriott Istanbul Şişli.  That is, before I spilled water on it by placing an unsealed bottle in my purse while rushing to get downstairs and into a cab when we realized we left Mr. P’s credit card at a restaurant in the Old City.  It held together though and I finished recording the rest of the trip without a problem.

I don’t keep travel journals for every trip.  I certainly don’t make them for business trips.  This trip was a grey area — business plus fun.  I decided it was so epic that I had to make an exception.  Being gone for 25 days, I’m sure I wouldn’t remember all the details.  I didn’t document everything that happened on workdays, just that I worked and what we did in the evenings.

Documenting takes so much time and honestly, there are points in the trip where I’d rather be relaxing, reading, or something else.  We had such little downtime that anytime I could get a few minutes, I started writing.

Will all of this matter later?  Why do I do this?  Should I keep doing this?  Then I get home and have this tiny little booklet full of all the details and I’m so glad I did.

More: How to make your own travel journal.  Read more about why I keep a travel journal. For this journal, I used this paper by Fancy Pants Designs.


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