Picture Story: Leftover Wine

Picture Story by Natalie Parker

After several hours of traveling we were finally home.


After several months of feverish wedding planning, deciding to change jobs a month before the wedding, making all of our favors, decorations, and playlists, welcoming our family to town, having a rehearsal, getting ready, getting married, having a reception, dancing, late night hot dog run, up early the next morning, on a flight to Hawaii, checking out volcanoes, having a little beach time, taking a boat tour, going out to dinner, looking at the stars, hiking on the coast, trying to figure out where to return the rental car, back through security, back on planes, shuttle to the parking lot, in the car, Mr. P deciding at the last minute to carry me inside, we were finally home.  Exhausted.

After so much happening, it was peaceful to be home in the quiet.  Together.

We came home to find out parents had hung up leftover flowers to dry, stacked leftover wine in the garage, put leftover wedding cake in the fridge, and stacked our gifts and leftover favors nicely in the living room.  As orderly as anything could have been.

And so, on our first night of married life finally home, we popped open some leftover wine from the reception, curled up on the couch, and tucked into some KFC we picked up on the way home.

Sometimes you just need popcorn chicken.  Sometimes that’s just about perfect.

Picture Story is a new feature where I take a picture from an upcoming layout and tell its story.  Stay tuned for the layout featuring this story.  


4 thoughts on “Picture Story: Leftover Wine

  1. This is such a neat idea for a blog post series. Will you use the text you’ve written here as the journaling on your page?

    Also: have you heard of the podcast “Give Your Photos Stories” produced by Debbie Hodge? [http://debbiehodge.com/category/give-your-photos-stories/] Its concept is along these lines (and can be extremely entertaining ;-)) It has inspired me to try and write down some stories for old photos of mine (or just stories in general).

    • I actually wrote the post after I finished the page (wait until Thursday for it). The page has a similar story but not these exact words.

      Thanks for the link!! I’ll check it out!

  2. Ooh, I might have to steal your blog post idea. 🙂 I am waffling on a class at our local college this fall about storytelling via photos. It sounds *so* intriguing, but in the end I opted for the more technical photography techniques class which conflicts with it. (Geek wins out again, I guess.)

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