traveling with a camera

Traveling with a Camera by Natalie Parker

I’ve been mulling a lot about traveling with a camera.

I’ve had my DSLR for a bit now and have taken it on a few trips.  It’s been on short trips in and out of the country as well as one long trip to Antarctica.  I’m starting to wonder whether I need another camera to add to my arsenal.

I used to carry around a pretty cheap point and shoot.  We upgraded to the DSLR because Mr. P was tired of seeing me attempting artsy shots with a cheap camera.  The DSLR takes beautiful photos.

However, the DSLR is also a lug to carry around.  Getting it out of my bag when we’re traveling makes me think twice about whether it’s worth getting a shot (which is no bueno in my mind).  I loved being able to whip out the point and shoot to get a shot that was quick and unobtrusive.  I also loved the option of carrying a smaller bag.  One of my worst fears in life is schlepping.*

Handling the camera with cold weather gear was challenging in Antarctica.  Despite the photo below (wherein Mr. P told me I couldn’t possibly use the DSLR when wearing 2 layers of gloves), I handed off camera duties for most of the trip.

Traveling with a Camera by Natalie Parker

In my trip to Oregon recently, I left the camera at home and used my phone.  That was great for a quick weekend, but not doable for a longer trip.

Perhaps a higher quality point and shoot is needed to fill this void?  I’m leaning that way.  But I fear having that option will make me eschew the DSLR and since I bought the damn thing, I’m determined to get my money’s worth.

Somewhere there has to be a balance between quality and the schlep factor.

Your thoughts?  What camera do you use to travel?

*If you ask me what worries me about parenthood, I will always (naively, because I don’t know what’s coming to me) say that I don’t want to have to carry around a ton of stuff in order to leave the house.


7 thoughts on “traveling with a camera

  1. The older I get, the less willing I am to schlepp ANYthing!! LOL. As for the camera … the main reason I still use a point and shoot is because they do take such nice photos without taking up room in our luggage and I don’t have to carry a rock around my neck! I know other scrapbookers and shutter-bugs who feel the same. A friend recently told me she purchased “a new camera that has a phone app!” Her words 🙂 She really did pick her new cell phone because of the camera it has. She has triplet boys about to turn three. She HAS a “fancy” camera and wants the best she could find to keep in her pocket. Choices are great!!

  2. I’m not sure I’m much help – we have a couple of good point and shoots (one of which is shock proof and waterproof which comes highly recommended – the Sony TX5) but we tend to carry all of them around quite often! If we’re hiking or similar we only take a point and shoot, but any real travel ends up with us carrying three cameras, plus two iPhone 5s!

  3. I adore my point and shoot, though I can’t quite bring myself to take it when I travel so I end up forcing myself to choose between phone and DSLR. My point and shoot is a Canon S95 – probably about 6 years old so there’s a newer model, I’m sure, but it was a P&S that a lot of pro photogs use for quick shots.

    Re: the parenting shlepping thing, you can travel (relatively) light – it definitely gets easier over time. Since my younger one was about a year, I carry a snack, wipes and a diaper in my purse, and leave the extra clothes/more diapers/changing pad etc in the car. It’s just when they’re tiny that you’ll need more stuff handy. But if you have a stroller it’s easier to stash it there instead of carrying it.

    It’s sort of like those people who still travel a ton with kids – if it’s a priority for you, you’ll make it happen 🙂 So don’t let people tell you otherwise!! (And congrats!)

    • Ha! I like your frankness re the point and shoot and not taking it. I’ll keep that in mind.

      Thanks for the words re traveling and schlepping. I know it can be done and I have to make it a priority when the time comes!

  4. Every time I leave my DSLR camera home and opt for the point and shoot I am never pleased with my photos…so I bought a comfortable backpack and attachable camera strap so I can bring the equipment I really want to have. 🙂

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