On the Two Peas Closure


I was in the middle of work yesterday when I got the email from Two Peas that they were closing.  I’m just so bummed.

You might be surprised to read this because I’m someone who always talks about the process rather than the supplies.  I don’t post product hauls.  I’ve only started using eensy bits of patterned paper.  But the closing of Two Peas still bums me out as a scrapbooker.  I was happy to see the community thriving there and always wished I had the time to participate.  I don’t have any inside scoop about why they’re closing but to me it means that there aren’t enough of us to sustain the business model.

In my research, I know that those of us who diligently catalog our memories are the exception, not the norm . . . the little salmon swimming upstream.


3 thoughts on “On the Two Peas Closure

  1. I was not a 2 Peas follower or even know too much about them. However, I’m with you. With all the other companies closing and/or having problems in recent years – Midwestern brick and mortar company whose name escapes me and direct seller, Creative Memories – I too feel like that salmon. Long live the scrapbookers!

  2. I shopped at Two Peas only occasionally and wasn’t a discussion forums user. What saddens me about Two Peas’ closure is that this was a hub for scrapbookers…a third space…a community center for scrapbookers. Sure, there are other such places on the web, but this one was special for a lot of people because it was a source of community.

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